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Snomad Ski Club
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The Snomad Ski Club is part of MMSC (Metro Milwaukee Ski Council)
which holds Slolam and Giant Slolam races during the winter.
To race you need to sign up as a Snomad club member
and also sign a waiver with MMSC.
That's it, you're all ready to join in on the fun.
You will be assigned a class that fits your skiing ability so you
will not be left behind. All skier abilities are represented from
the first time skiers to those that scream down the hill. The group
you will ski race with will be skiers that share your lust for fun.
There are twelve races during the 2018-2019 race season.
Races are held on approx. 3 Sundays a month in the Southeastern
area of Wisconsin just north of Milwaukee.
The ski hills we race at are Sunburst, Little Switzerland, 
Alpine Valley, and Holy Hill.


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